Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Whirlwind Weekend

This past weekend was fabulous.  It was jam packed with so many fun activities.  My dearest, long time friend Robyn was in town for a week.  We went out to dinner and just talked on Wednesday and once I found out she was going to be in town for longer than another day we started making plans.

Movie Under the Stars 

You sit on the hill underneath the capitol building. Bring blankets, food, and friends. 

The played Despicable Me.  We brought the whole family. It was a blast!

Side story about this.  We get there and park and see that everyone around us is much more prepared.  They have mattresses and tons of food and a lot of them are in their PJ's. So Robyn and I decided to go on an adventure to a local market to get some snacks.  We took my little brother with me.  We thought it wouldn't be a bad walk at all.  Who knew that it would be completely downhill and the walk back up wouldn't be very pleasant in flip flops.  BUT....we made it!  We brought back delicious treats just in time for the movie to start.  

For the adventures on the rest of our fun weekend you'll have to stay tuned. Sneak Peak: This is the Place National Park and boating.  Robyn tried wake boarding for her first time ever!


  1. We went to this earlier this summer :) I love it! Happy to have found your blog :) New follower!

  2. Fun! I wish it wasn't so hot here or else we could do that!

  3. So fun. Everything we did!! And the wake boarding...haha. Can't wait to see the pictures!!!!