Friday, May 6, 2011


There were so many things I have wanted to blog about lately but it's been so long that I have just forgotten.

Above you see my dear friend Robyn. I have known Robyn longer than any of my other friends. We have grown up together. I've had many sleepovers at her house. I know and love her siblings. I love her mom and dad. They were like second parents to me growing up in Wisconsin. She's such a great friend. She came up a couple weekends ago to run a half marathon in SLC. Impressive, huh? Not for me but good for her. Anyways, we just hung out all day afterwards. We didn't do anything spectacular but the day was just that. We had lunch. We walked around. Shopped. But the best thing was we talked and caught up and we laughed. It was priceless. Robyn and I really know how to have fun and laugh together. She's wonderful and I am blessed to be her friend.

Above is our celebration of Cinco de Mayo. I love this day. I have no real reason I just do. I love mexican food. I love fiestas. I mean, what's not to love? It was so beautiful yesterda that I wanted to do something fun. I wanted to have a big fiesta but that didn't quite work out. So, Derek and I decided to head over to El Azteca and enjoy some authentic mexican food. Delicious. We invited Martha along for the adventure. It was fabulous. I could drink horchata all day long. That stuff is so good.

As we all know, it is time for weddings in Utah. The weather is nice and people are in love. Last week my dear friend Jackie got married. It was wonderful- The sealing, luncheon, reception. It was a beautiful and classy affair. Felt so honored to be a part of her day. This weekend is going to be awesome as well. My friend Mike Briney is getting married. I have known the Briney twins since i was 18 years old. I have tons of memories with these two. Always fun to be around. Anyways, everyone is coming into town for thier wedding and I can hardly contain my excitment. It'll be such a fund day to see everyone and to celebrate his wonderful wedding to Annie. So excited. I hope Derek does ok. I am introducing him to my BYU-Idaho life. We can all be overwhelming. We'll see how it goes. All I know is I am stoked for this shindig.

Well this is great for now. It's so sunny out now and I can't wait until work is over in 25 minutes and I can enjoy the beautiful sunshine on my skin.

P.S. Going to California next week! Lots of fun stuff happeneing. Hopefully I'll update my blog with all the fun stuff. Watch for them!

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  1. That day really was spectacular...and the funny thing is, it was mostly just talking! Thank you so much for spending the ENTIRE day with me, I needed that :)