Saturday, June 26, 2010

Honeymoon: Cancun!

So I know all these posts are out of order but I am trying to keep up to date on things we're doing now while slowly adding in our wedding and honeymoon.

Our honeymoon was fabulous. Derek planned it all and was determined to keep it a secret from me. Everyone in my family knew and two of my best friends: Robyn and Emily. I couldn't believe everyone knew but me. Finally on our wedding day derek told me we would be going to Cancun! I was so excited. Derek knows me really well. There's something I hate so much and Derek decided to not make me suffer any longer. He knows how much I hate snow and cold weather. He took me to the perfect place and we had such a great time. We stayed at The Moon Palace Resorts. What an adventure that was and my first stamp on my passport! I am such a lucky lady to have married such an amazing man. Ok so i'll talk about it through pictures. Here goes nothing...
In the airport shuttle still dressed in our winter clothes.
Every night the resort would put on shows. Michael Jackson, hispanic style, was our first show.
Getting into the spirit of things!

The fabulous view from this hotel downtown cancun. What a city!

The fabulous blue water on the beaches. It was so perfect.
For honeymooners they have all these specials activities. This was our special candlelight dinner. It was delicious! All the chefs favorites.
We took a day trip to Chichen Itza to see the ruins. One of my favorite parts was the drive there. We went through so many quaint and poor mexican villages. I wanted to stop and talk to everyone!
Some more of the ruins.

Ok so there was this amazingly beautiful sink hole they took us to on the way back. It's called the Chichen Itza Cenote. As you can see everyone loves to go swimming...everyone but me.
Derek took the big plunge and jumped into the freezing water. After he did i went to greet him and found there to be thousands of catfish swimming around. Needless to say, I would not get in that water. Derek was sweet enough to splash some water around at the bottom of the ladder to get the fish away so I could at least get me feet wet. Even that was a risk for me.
This is Wet 'N Wild. Cancun's poor attempt at a water park. We got to go for free as part of our package. 4 hours was plenty of time since there were only about 5 rides and a lazy river. But we had fun and we'll never forget the experience.
Moon Palace Resort had the best pools ever. Oh and did i mention it was all inclusive. I am pretty sure I gained at least 5 pounds during the week we were there! Ouch!
This was our last moment before we hopped on the airport shuttle and headed back to reality.

Sorry this was lengthy but there are so many things I wanted you all to see. I am so grateful for this wonderful experience and for my fantastic husband who put it all together. Also, thanks to both of our dads for helping figure everything out. Derek and I are so blessed!


  1. aww!! thanks for sharing your honeymoon photos!! you are just so beautiful. i love them all!!

  2. Thanks! I am glad someone read it! I love you ms. stephanie taylor. I need to email you back btw.

  3. Laura. You are crazy. I didn't know you had a blog!!!!!!! Oh yes, but then I was told that ALL old married folks had blogs so I suppose that includes YOU.

    love you