Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Power Family: Established January 16th, 2010

The Power Family. How cool is my new last name? Power. So good.

Anyways, most of you know Derek and I met in August of 2008 when I got transfered to El Paso, TX. He was my District Leader my last two transfers. We really didn't become friends till my last transfer but the friendship we had made kept us in contact, through letters, after I left the mission. 7 months later, Derek returned home from his mission and gave me a phone call. We started dating soon after and got engaged September 2, 2009 and married January 16, 2010. What a great day that was! It was wonderful to finally have the engagement over and to be married to Derek for all eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple.

Our photographer said it was the coldest wedding he had shot all winter and was glad he came prepared with the winter wardrobe. We were freezing, on the other hand. I found it hard to smile and to keep our noses from running but our photographer was wonderful and the pictures turned out great. I loved the feeling of my hands thawing as we finally entered the warmth. The greatest things of the day were getting sealed to Derek, having our family and friends part of the sealing and ring ceremony, and the beautiful reception where more loved ones came to show their support. How grateful I am for the support we have received from all of you.

Check out some of our favorite pictures:


  1. What a great looking couple! I love to see you so happy! You are beautiful! Thanks for letting me stock you on your blog now too! Our if you want to check it out is

  2. hooray for a blog! cute background