Sunday, August 24, 2014

Baby B: 18 months

Our sweet girl is 18 months (actually almost 20 months at this point). I've become so slow at blogging with such a busy toddler on my hands. We are always busy playing, running errands, and enjoying one another's company. She is truly my sidekick and mini me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here is a recap of our sweet girl over the past 3 months:

  • Vacationed to Newport Beach, CA with my family
  • Grandma and Grandpa Power and Aunt Samantha. That was a blast having them here in Texas with us. 
  • Had her first easter egg hunt! She loves collecting necklaces a lot more than eggs. 
  • Cheered her mom on at all her volleyball games. 
  • All about shoes. I just wish I owned fancier shows her her to try on. Guess I'll need to get her some dress up ones in the near future. Can't believe she is already starting to love that stage. She is growing too fast.
  • Entered Nursery at church and you aren't really sure how you feel about it
  • Talking a ton! Seriously, I swear she learns a new word every day. I am so impressed with how large her vocabulary is but also her pronunciation of words. She speaks so clearly that I am not the only one who can understand her. Love that.
  • Love holding on to my finger while we walk. She holds on so tight and I know she completely loves and trusts me. 
  • Scream for excitement every time we go somewhere exciting. She just loves life.
  • Stickers are her favorite. It's been so fun to watch her be so excited about our coloring/sticker time. 
  • Always on the go. She is such an explorer. Constantly climbing up and over things and crawling under things. This got her in to some trouble at the Beach house. She broke her leg. More on that later.
  • She is really in to taking care of her bunny and baby. She will be the best big sister some day. She has such a sweet personality. 
  • Loves water! She has become so brave. We bought a season pass to the local water park and spent many mornings and afternoons there. Texas is so hot! At first she was a little timid but now you can't keep her out of it. She is always trying to walk to deep and jump of the sides. She loves being thrown up in the air back and forth between myself and Derek. She even loves to go down the kid slides by herself. It has been so fun to watch her transform.
I could go on for a while. This little girl has stolen my heart and this has been such a fun summer. I love getting to spend every day with her and so much enjoy watching her grow. Here are some pictures over the past three months and it's amazing to me to see how much she grows and develops every month.

She is so cute in pigtails!

So she thinks my underwear are scarves so she pulls them from my drawer and piles them on. She is so fashionable.  

Family road trip to Waco, Tx to the Dr. Pepper Museum

At the Children's museum  
Shadow play with Grandma Power

Story time at the library 

SEe what I mean about the necklaces?
In her Easter dress/wedding dress made by Grandma Ellsworth
Backyard water play

Tot time at the activity center

"So you caught me. What are you going to do about it?"

Texas Bluebonnets!  

She got in to my makeup!
Obsessed with the car shopping carts at Kroger!

Water park! 

She is so cute 
First sparkler on the 4th!
1st carousel ride!


  1. Gah, her smile is to die for. I can't believe how big she is getting. They need to stop growing so fast!

  2. Wow she is so big now. And so adorable!