Monday, May 19, 2014

Park Love

Texas is having some gorgeous weather lately. I don't even mind the upper 80s as long as its not too humid. I forgot how sticky everything feels when it's 80-99% humid. Somedays I just daydream that I'm in Hawaii instead of Texas because that's where humidity is actually worth it. Ha

Anyway, moving on to what I came to blog about. With this nice weather Brooklyn and I spend almost every morning at the park. She'll usually let me  walk/jog 2 miles on the trails at the park before getting completely restless. Then she's off and never wants to leave. Every time we park our car and I let her out of her carseat, she sees the park and screams with excitement. I love it and all the park people think it's pretty cute too. Our little Brooklyn sure can bring a smile to any face. 

So grateful to live in a wonderful city full of parks, walking trails, and friends to have park play dates with. Brooklyn sure is happy in Texas. 

This is pure joy 

Playing with some friends 

More friends and her favorite tire swing 

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