Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1 year old!

My sweet daughter Brooklyn is 1! I can't believe that. That means I have been a mom for 1 year. Good news is we both have survived! She's grown so much sine she's been 1. She didn't become a toddler overnight but as soon as she could walk she left those baby years behind her and hasn't looked back. I on the other hand seem to always be looking at her like my little baby. I guess I need to get with the times and realize my baby girl is no longer a baby.

Here are some of our fun activities and happenings from her 12th month:

  • 1st dentist appointment: 12/11/2103
  • Learned to clap: 12/19/13
  • Tried whole milk and wasn't a fan (still isn't)
  • Celebrated her very first Christmas
  • Celebrated her 1st birthday 
  • Pointed, and still points, at everything
  • Will open the door if you ask her to
  • Knows how to turn on and off the light switches when you ask
  • Loves to read and loves her blanket
  • Is more of a sound sleeper than I knew. She slept through a fire alarm and a loud Christmas Eve party like a champion
  • Went to Vasquez rocks to check out where the Flinstones was filmed along with a Monk episode and many other things
  • Had tons of fun hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa Power, her aunts and uncle, and the Barker clan. Having all this family around sure made for a wonderful Christmas and 1st birthday.
  • Became a daddy's girl over Christmas break. She loved the two weeks her dad got off and didn't want him to go back to work when it was over. 
I know more things happened but the month was so busy enjoying family and the holidays that I am sure I am missing things. She is still an angel baby who loves to be around other kids. She is a pretty good napper but still likes to wake up at night, especially when teething or in an unfamiliar place. It's been a little exhausting for us. She tried cake and absolutely loved it and now I feel she wants sugar all the time. I fear she'll be a JFJ (Junk food junkie) as my dad would say. ha She loves cruising around on whatever object she can find that moves. She loves pulling the DVDs out of the bookshelf. She still loves putting everything in her mouth. She says dada about a billion times a day and if we are lucky she'll give me a mama or a hi. She's so cute. Below is a collage I put together to see how much she's grown over the last two months. I sure am a lucky lady to be her momma. I love it every day.

These pictures are from her birthday photo shot. The weather was gorgeous in California and we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to photograph our daughter. In the last year, I would have to say my photography skills have definitely improved. Still so much more to learn! 


  1. She is the most adorable little girl ever! And those eyes! I can't get over them. Its so sad to see them growing up, but I'm sure it's been fun seeing her personality blossom.

  2. Happy birthday Brooklyn! She is SO adorable!! And the birthday pictures of her are too cute, I especially like the one where she has a balloon.

  3. That tutu!! So darling. My babe is almost 1 and I have to say... It's like bawlfest 2014 every couple of days for this momma. So fun as they grow but TOO FAST!!!