Thursday, December 5, 2013

B at 11 months!

So I am sorry my blog has been lacking. Sad part is not just my personal blog but my sisters' missionary blog. I have been so busy with doing design work and moving in to our new house. I've mentioned before how much I love graphic design so I decided to start a storefront and really make my Facebook page a place to interact and gain business. It has been a fun and busy couple of months doing Christmas cards and a wedding invitation. You can check me out here to see some of my recent work. So if you need Christmas cards it's not too late. Let me know.

I digress...back to why I am here blogging today. Our sweet Brooklyn is now 11 months old. I can't believe that next month she'll be one. She still seems like my little baby. She is active, fun, crazy, and loving. I am so blessed to spend every day with her.

Now I know this photo may be a tad bit blurry but I couldn't resist. Here you can see all 8 of her teeth and see how much this girl loves to swing. I wish we had a park a little closer to our house since she only lasts at the park for about 10 minutes. Soon enough we will spend our days at the park and I am pretty excited about that.

Her beautiful, big, blue eyes just melt my heart. This funny girl is always crawling over to be by her mom and see what she's up to.

She was not of a fan of the face that her legs were being tickled. haha

Brooklyn is always so curious. She still has the ability to find the smallest things anyone would overlook. With her tiny long fingers she can pick the smallest objects up and stick them promptly in her mouth.

I spend a lot of my days putting the toys and books back in to her toy chest...which is also a box. This girl loves to pull everything out and start all over again.

We took Brooklyn in for her 9 month appointment at around 10 months and she still weighed so little. Her height and weight percentage had dropped again. Her weight was only at 11%. I was then put on a mission to feed this girl more food. Being a first time mom I never know how much solid food to give her or how often. I was just doing my best. Now I have learned that this girl has an appetite and I can read her cues much better. She gained 1.5 pounds in a month. Way to go baby B! She finally doubled her birth weight. 

She is always herself and I love that. She is constantly making us laugh. 

This girl loves black beans, salsa, brown rice, and cheese. She is very in tune with her body always seeming to know exactly what nutrients she needs. It really amazes me. She still has a sensitive stomach so we are avoiding peaches for now.

Another one of her favorite playtime activities is to pull all the folded laundry off the couch.

Loves taking walks! 

This past month we finally got Brooklyn a crib. The first time we put her in it just to test it out she was full of joy. This girl loves being in a crib. I am just sad we waited this long to get her one.

Got her first piggy back ride on dad's shoulders and thought his head looked like a good place to play the drums!

We love to go outside is this nice Texas fall weather to play or have a picnic. We have really loved having a backyard.

They are so cute together.

Brooklyn also loves to stand up wherever she can and figure out what's going on. This month she discovered the dishwasher while she came over to help me with the dishes. Just today she was so intrigued by the wheels on the rack.

Graham crackers are a new favorite food and they are perfect for picnics!

She loves to watch herself in the camera! 

I am hoping the video will post but the thing she is loving most right now is her walker. I bought it a month ago and she wasn't the biggest fan at first. She would kneel up to play with it and then push it forward and fall flat on her face. Once she figured out how it works and that it moves we can't stop her from walking all over the house. I just follow her around the house helping her turn corners or back out of the wall. She loves being able to move faster around the house.

Brooklyn really is the sweetest little girl. She plays so well with other babies and her face just lights up every time she sees another baby. Her cousins were in town for Thanksgiving and Brooklyn couldn't get enough of them. Addie would help me get Brooklyn from her nap and when Brooklyn saw Addie she would start moving her arms in excitement. She loved playing on the floor with Bennett as well and would just watch everything that he was doing. She will be such a great big sister someday. This past month she also got RSV but we were very lucky that we did everything we could to take care of it right away so her mucus didn't build up in her lungs making it hard for her to breath. She's still recovering but is doing better everyday. Thank goodness for humidifiers and those little suction things. Brooklyn wasn't the biggest fan of that but it helped get rid of her mucus quickly so that she could sleep and nurse and breath.

Derek and I are so blessed to call her our baby girl. (Videos to be coming soon. The internet is working slowly!)


  1. I just got a new blog so I've just been playing around with it. She is just to cute! I love her big blue eyes!

  2. I love this, all the Smith girls commenting on your blog. Ha. Anyways all of these adorable pictures of baby B are making me very impatient to meet my little girl. I'm so very excited we will both have girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!