Monday, November 4, 2013

Baby B is 10 months

At least I am on top of updating Brooklyn's milestones. I am wanting to finish our moving story and then also talk about becoming first time homeowners. Some exciting things have been happening since we moved to Texas and we are really loving it.

Brooklyn at 10 months:

Got two more bottom teeth making her grand total 8! She is a crazy teether. She has gotten 6 teeth since moving to Texas and we've only been here 2 months. That's amazing. Those bottom two seemed more painful than the other 6 so I am glad they are in now. She can eat so much big food.

 Learned to wave goodbye, climb up stairs, and crawled (10/8)!! We were so happy to see her crawl finally. She's been doing that army crawl for months. Sometimes she still reverts back to that but she is loving this whole crawling business. 

She learned to wave bye-bye and give kisses which we just love. Since she isn't a big cuddler we love the affection she shows. She's be doing this thing lately where she is playing by us and all of the sudden she'll just ay her head down on our laps for a couple of seconds. It's so sweet and I wish it lasted longer!

Decided she was done with jarred baby food. Silly girl.

Celebrated her first Halloween. Here we are at the famers market in October where it was so humid and 100 degrees. Poor Brooklyn was so hot.  More on her first Halloween in another post.

Isn't she just beautiful? I mean those eyes! They just melt my heart. She loves playing with hangers and taking everything out of boxes which is fine because we still have a ton to unpack!

We are loving taking walks in this beautiful fall weather. Still loves to chew on everything. Had some rough sleeping nights due to teething. I thought I just might go crazy.

She is such a gentle and sweet baby and is so good at playing with her friends. She loves to share her food and toys with me as well. I love that she is such a loving and kind baby. She teaches me everyday how to be a better person. 

She got her first haircut to get rid of those long wispy hairs in the back. It's a little sad but I am hoping they'll just grow in faster now. She's getting more and more stable on her feet by climbing on 
everything and over everything. 

 She loves to play with my eyes and eyelashes. She finds them to be so interesting and I think it's cute.

Best of all is how much she loves her mom and dad. I love being able to watch Derek and Brooklyn play together because he plays with her in ways I would never. It's a little to daring for me. ha She is so happy and wonderful to be around. She makes us want to be better parents, spouses, and individuals. We are so lucky to have you Baby B!


  1. I want to see pics of your new home!!!

  2. What a cutie! Those eyes are amazing! I can't wait to see my kids with her at the end of the month. Addie is going to eat her up!