Thursday, October 3, 2013

9 months

Time keeps on slipping into the future. But seriously, it does. Our little B is 9 months old today and is growing bigger and learning new things every day. 

Brooklyn at 9 months:
  • Got three teeth. She was a teething machine. She got all 4 top teeth in about 2 weeks. After she got her first two she would grind her teeth together. 
  • Still eats and sucks on everything. We have moved in to an apartment temporarily. It is filled with stuff from the previous tenants and so I never know what's around. I always try to do a good baby proofing look but she finds everything. I have found that she chewed through the corner or a box, was chomping on a bead, chewing on drywall. You name it she has tried to put in in her mouth.
  • She has an amazing eye for details. She's like her daddy that way. She can find the smallest things that no one would ever see and pick them up. Thread. Piece of carpet. Zip tie. It amazes me. She's able to use those long skinny fingers of her to grab the smallest objects.
  • Recognizes her name but doesn't always choose to acknowledge me when she's about to stick something in her mouth that she shouldn't.
  • Her personality has really started to come through. She is very vocal about what she doesn't like...mostly kisses and tight hugs from mom. Sad day. She tries so hard to break free but I am stronger so she is going to get those hugs and kisses anyways.
  • So mobile. She still doesn't "crawl" but her army crawl is fast and she can keep up with all the other kids at church. We will see if she ever does the formal crawl. 
  • Climbs all over me and anything in her way. She'll pop up on her knees and then if she needs to get closer she'll extend her legs and push with her toes. haha So much harder than just moving her knees but that's what she likes.
  • Loves plain yogurt, fresh bananas, ice cream, pretty much all food. We are lucky that she really likes her veggies as well.
  • Everything is her drum. She's constantly banding on everything.
  • Standing up when ever she can. She'll pull herself up on our drying rack, the boxes, couch, my lap, etc. It just helps her get to what she wants next.
  • Ticklish under her armpits and on her tummy
  • Loves being hung upside down
  • Loves to drink water
  • Currently wearing some 3-6 months, 6-9, and some 9 month clothes. She's still a tiny thing but she's growing tall so she needs to length in 9 month clothes. 
  • Such a happy baby. Honestly. Even when we keep her up past her bedtime she does awesome. She is loving spending more time with us. 
  • Loves her schedule. Naps and sleeps like a pro. Well mostly. She keeps getting up at 4:30 every morning to eat. I am dying. She's so hungry though so I guess I don't mind that much. 
  • Such a mamas girl which makes me so happy. I am loving that she always needs to know where I am. 
  • Loves to watch videos of herself talking and laughing
Ok on to some pictures of our little princess. 

Look at her teeth! 

Having fun playing outside

Loves her maracas

Love my sweet girl
Church is hard work for little babies
First time seeing a baby doll. She wasn't quite sure what to think
her DIY jungle gym
Loves car keys 
Loves to see herself on the computer or in the mirror. Having fun with photo booth.

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  1. She's too cute. Looks just like Derek. Twins.