Wednesday, August 21, 2013

B gets the flu

So I haven't written recently like I usually do but life is really busy right now and I am not quite sure when it'll slow down. We move NEXT WEEK to Texas where we will be staying in an Extended Stay hotel for a couple of months. During that time I will be house hunting like a mad woman so we can get out of that hotel as soon as possible. It'll be interesting to have Brooklyn in the same room as us again and I just pray it doesn't smell bad. We looked in to temporarily renting an apartment or staying at a Marriott but there were $3,000/month. That's ridiculous. It'll just keep us motivated to find a house, right? ha 

So last week my poor girl got the flu. It was heart breaking. She hasn't been sick before so it was really hard. It reminded me a lot of her early days when she had acid reflux except this time it came with a slight fever, a lot more throwing up, and a worn out baby girl. It was so sad to just hold her and comfort her as she couldn't keep any food down. We thought she was going better because she had managed to keep milk and pedialyte down for 12 hours and then it started again. She's not a very big baby girl so I was worried about her loosing weight and getting dehydrated but in the end it worked out. I can tell she is still not 100% but I think every day she gets a little better. 

Unfortunately, the flu didn't start and end with Brooklyn. Nate had it, then me, my dad, my mom, and finally Derek. It was the worst and nothing really got done for almost a whole week. I just am thankful it happened before our road trip to Texas and not during! The other positive was all the baby snuggles. Brooklyn is not a cuddly baby. She wants to play and be on the move, which is a great thing, but sometimes I just want to hold her tight. When she was sick she didn't want anyone but me and she was so snuggly. I had to capture as many pictures as I could cause it doesn't happen every day. :)

Side note: Thank you Mom for all your help with her and I am sorry you ended up getting sick because of that. 

She slept in my arms most of the day. I had to wake her up to feed her.

I couldn't believe she fell asleep like this. So cute. I turned her around and within a couple of seconds she was out 
After trying pedialyte for the first time
Thanks again Mom! I don't know how we'll survive in Dallas without you. 
She loves her blanket. When she was starving cause I couldn't give her more milk because she would throw it up she would shove her blanket in to her mouth as far as she could. Then she would just chew on it for comfort. Broke my heart.

She was glad to have her daddy home and he was glad to get a few cuddles in with his #1 baby girl.


  1. oh goodness, this is so sad and so sweet at the same time! So sorry laura. Hope she's feeling better.

    And good luck with the drive, and the househunt! Going to be a busy couple weeks for you. If you guys get stir crazy at the extended stay, you should pop down for a few days ;) (if you could stand three more hours!)

  2. Oh thats a bummer, I hope all you guys are better.