Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Newport Beach Part 1: Santa Clarita

There is just something about a beach vacation that sets your soul free. True relaxation. Not doing your hair everyday. Hiding your un-makeuped face with sunglasses. Wearing dresses everyday. The sun. The breeze. Waves crashing. I could go on and on about why my heart will always belong to the beach.

We are truly blessed. My grandpa and grandma Fairbanks own a beach house in Newport Beach, CA and I have been vacationing there for over a decade now. Some of my most fond family time memories are found in this house. This time our little family was lucky enough to catch a week before the summer started to pick up. We wanted to celebrate Derek's graduation and enjoy some much needed family time. Derek was so busy with school that we really wanted to hang out, relax, and re-coop before work and finding a job started. Derek was able to spend so much time with Brooklyn and it was awesome. She loves having her dad around.

For the first part of the vacation we stayed at Grandma and Grandpa Power's house for a couple of days. We went swimming, on walks, to the park, and just enjoyed time with his family. She was also able to meet Derek's grandparents, Tutu Larry and Tutu Kathy. They hadn't quite left to fly back to Hawaii so we were able to sneak in a quick visit before the flew home. At the end of our visit Brooklyn was able to meet her Great Grandpa Power as well. She is truly one loved little girl.

How sweet are all of these pictures? I just love them.

First dip in the pool!

Dinner with the Power's at The Elephant Bar! 

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