Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby B is 5 months!

Our sweet Brooklyn is 5 months old. I think now would be a great time to just freeze time. She is so cute and fun I just want to have her in this moment for as long as possible. She has learned so much this past months and always amazes us with everything she is learning to do. We had some great adventures this last month. Probably the busiest of her life so far. She has the sweetest disposition and is growing in to her personality more everyday. We are so luck to be her parents. The first 3 months of Brooklyn's life were hard on me...my advice would be to not have winter babies while living in a basement. Rough. Anyways, the reason I bring this up because of how much I am enjoying motherhood. My body has done most of its recovering, she has grown out of most of her acid reflux problems, it isn't winter, she is growing so much, etc. All I know is everyday spent with her is a blast. Derek and I always get so sad when we put her down for bed that right before we fall asleep we look at pictures of her. She is our angel.

Here are some of the things she has been up to this past month:
  • She loves her feet! She started discovering them at the beginning of May and just can't get enough of them. 
  • She now sleeps in her very own big girl room. Now that we've moved we thought it would be a perfect time to move her in to her own bedroom. We are enjoying the fact that not every sentence has to be a whisper.
  • She went for her first swim in Grandma and Grandpa Power's pool. It was cold but she didn't mind it too much. (5/17/2013)
  • She took her second airplane ride and first family vacation. We headed to Newport Beach to celebrate Derek's graduation and spend some much needed time together.
  • On May 28th she rolled from her back to her stomach...while swaddled. So right before I head to bed one night I hear her start to fuss. I give her a little before I go check on her. Finally I decided to go see what the matter was. She has somehow managed to flip from her back to tummy and turn herself a 180 degrees all while she was tightly swaddled. Poor girl was so tired that she didn't want to lift her neck up anymore and couldn't flip back over without her arms. I picker her up, hugged her, and laid her right back down to sleep. My silly little girl. Now she's pretty good at rolling on to her tummy. She's always trying to grab at something.
  • She went to the beach for the 1st time (more on our trip in another post)
  • We gave her a little taste of solid food on May 26th. She kept grabbing at my food during Sunday dinner so my mom mashed up a steamed carrot and we gave her a little taste. At first she didn't seem to mind but the next bite you could tell she wasn't a fan. ha I guess we'll start with some pureed food next month. 
  • Ok what impressed me so much is that she's become a little inch worm. She lost her toy the other day and started to come up on her knees and push herself forward to try and find it. 
  • She is ticklish in her armpits. I think it's pretty darn cute.
  • She can sit up, on the bed, for a good 10 seconds. We practice a little bit each day.
  • She will put anything in her mouth and loves to suck on ice cubes. She also loves tags so much. They are so fascinating. 
Basically we just love her so much. I am finally to that stage where I feel she is growing up too fast and just want her to stay this way forever. So amazed by everything , so full of love and excitement. I was brought to tears the other week as I thought about how fast my little baby is growing. She's the best. 

Ok so time to check out some pictures of our cute Baby B.

 photo BabyB5months_zps51e674bf.jpg

 photo IMG_2998_zps76374718.jpg
Here she is at 2 months and almost 5 months What a difference!
 photo IMG_1896_zpsd80b6224.jpg
Derek's caption: Don't go there girl frien'!
 photo IMG_1888_zps8a97e6f9.jpg

 photo IMG_3036_zps1d25db8b.jpg
Love sucking on my water bottle straw
 photo IMG_3025_zpsec433bfc.jpg
Having fun at Uncle Nate's swim meet
 photo IMG_2964_zpse7050e25.jpg
Gross! Carrots. 
 photo IMG_2703_zps8fc978df.jpg

 photo IMG_2700_zps4d7ed10b.jpg
Derek's caption: Hey Lady, watch it. I'm dirivin here!
 photo IMG_2675_zps15d8b096.jpg
Loves story time
 photo IMG_2671_zps52156261.jpg
Right before her first swim
 photo IMG_2658_zpsb834a429.jpg
First time on a swing. Love their matching expressions.
 photo IMG_2634_zps4f8754dd.jpg

 photo IMG_2251_zps1a7dc6fc.jpg

 photo IMG_2599_zps4f529ef6.jpg
Taken on my first mother's day right before her bath time. Love this girl!
 photo IMG_2569_zps1f28304f.jpg
Loved watching Uncle Nate play basketball. She couldn't take her eyes off of them.
 photo IMG_2554_zps65ecf050.jpg
She sure does love being outside.

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  1. i love all the pictures!!! i can't believe how fast she's growing!!! we sure miss you guys! looks like you're having all kinds of fun! enjoy this special time together!