Sunday, May 12, 2013

4 months

As always, I'm late with this but I still want to keep track of all the wonderful ways Brooklyn is growing and changing each month. It's amazing to be able to watch a baby develop. They learn so much, so quickly. 

Here's what she's been learning/doing this past month: 
  • Rolled over for the first time on 4/15/13. I was the only one home and loved that it was just for me...ha
  • She can roll over to both sides.
  • Loves foot massages 
  • Liking tummy time so much more (should've put a toy in front of her a long time ago) 
  • Took her first flight to Las Vegas. I feel like she did pretty well. We sat next to the nicest people who happen to love babies and didn't mind a few cry's here or there. Thanks Kim for all the travel tips! 
  • Loves doing sit ups. She's always trying to sit up in her bouncer.
  • Sticks her tongue out a lot. It's so cute. She is so fascinated with it.
  • Lots of spit bubbles
  • After our day trip/flight to Las Vegas Brooklyn's sleeping patterns were off. Two flights in one day, being drug around from one location to another, keeping her out late, etc. For 2.5 weeks she was just not wanting to go to sleep at all. She would wake up every two hours sometimes and would just cry. I couldn't understand what was happening. After talking to my dr. at her last appointment he told me it's is normal for babies to go through stages where they sleep well and then they don't. Sometimes it can be because of a flight, getting of a schedule, or just for no reason at all. During those couple of weeks I has some major flashbacks to the first couple weeks of her life.
  • Now she sleeps really well. Still not all the way back to through the night but usually a late night feeding around 1:00 am. Not too shabby. 
  • She'll suck on everything and anything except a pacifier or bottle. We keep trying to give her a pacifier but she won't take. Any advice?
  • Loves playing with my hand. I can just put it in front of her face and she will start grabbing at my fingers and bringing them up to her mouth. 
  • Interlocks her hands 
  • Ticklish on her tummy and feet. She doesn't usually find it funny however. 
  • Morning baby. Always so happy when she wakes up after a good nights sleep.
  • Schedule baby. Through many different experiences this past month we have realized that Brooklyn thrives on a schedule. She loves her bed time (6:30/7:00) and her bed time routine. She loves being able to play and take her naps around the same time everyday. She is not a happy camper if she misses out on her naps. She's a lot like me that way. I love my schedules and thrive on the organization that comes with that.
  • So inquisitive. It's so fun to watch her experience everything for the first time. She finds everything to be so interesting. 
Brooklyn we sure do love you. Thanks for allowing us to see the world for the first time through your eyes. I am getting to experience everything with you for the first time. We love being your parents and feel so blessed everyday to get to spend time with you. is so hard to choose just one. 

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  1. Cute!! I love it and I love that you are so good at scheduling. Thomas has a flexible schedule, but it seems to be working... haha love this post!

  2. Precious. She is getting big.

  3. AWWW!!! She is so adorable! And getting big.