Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just My Two Cents

Movies. Most Americans spend lots of time and money on watching movies. I actually love going to the movies and am pretty open to watching almost anything and like most things I watch. I am not overly picky. However, there are three actors I can't stand. Honestly. I am not sure why people keep hiring them to act. Well there is one I understand why but the other's a mystery to me. Keep in mind this is just my opinion but one that I needed to express. I just can't handle them.

First is my hatred for Nicholas Cage. I mean what is his appeal? I don't find him pleasing to the eye and I find the characters he plays to be much of the same and quite boring. Most people argue with me based on the fact that he is in the National Treasure movies and apparently they are good. Never seen them and have no desire to because one of the main characters is good old Nicholas Cage. Anyways, I don't think acting in two movies that are good and tons of others aren't justify the fact that he is a good actor. Blah. Is it just me or does he always seem to be intoxicated in every movies? Maybe that's just his look. I really can't decide.

Second, Brendan Fraser. I just can't watch anything with him in it. The first movie I saw him in was George of the Jungle and I haven't been able to take him seriously since then. I mean really? Is he still acting? He needs to be done. Have you seen George of the Jungle? When Derek and I were first married he made me watch Blast from the Past. He was convinced I would like it even though he knew of my hatred for all movies staring Brendan Fraser. Anyways, I watched it and hated it. He was just as ridiculous in that movie as he was in George of the Jungle.

And last....Ms. Scarlet Johansen. My dislike for her is different. Sure she plays in movies I've actually enjoyed watching but I never enjoy her in them. Does she ever play a role where she isn't being seductive, dressing in tight clothes, or just taking them off? I don't really know any women who like her as an actress. Sure, all men will disagree and talk about her amazing "acting" skills but lets be honest, it has nothing to do with her acting. Ridiculous. The picture below was one of the few I could find where she was half way decent. I usually like to call her Scarlet Johanswhore. I find it fitting.

So I know this post is random but I was recently engaged in a conversation talking about this very subject and since it's Oscar weekend I found it to be fitting. Maybe you love all these actors, maybe you share my common hatred. One more I should add to the list...Bill Murray. Maybe I'll touch on that later. Who are some actors you love and hate? 


  1. hahahahahahahahahaha. Nailed it. I can't stand any of them either!

  2. We are twins, seriously. I was telling my family how much I LOATE Nicholas Cage in any movie. I'll admit that I liked National Treasure when it came out but it would have been 10 times better if anyone else was the main character.. and I mean anyone. I've never been a fan or him but especially since he did that Night Rider movie. WTF? Didn't watch it. Never will. He's annoying.

    I've never had beef with Brendon and he's really not a good actor. Like, at all. But the more that I stare at that picture, the less appealing he is.

    As for Scarlet the Harlot.. I will still watch her movies and it's like "meh," but I feel like I have a personal Vendetta for her characters because she's such a homewrecking skank in all of them. Sad that it has to be that way.

    Sorry, I'm totally passionate about movies and esp the Oscars. Loved this post :)

    1. You. Are. The. Best. Hahaha Scarlet the Harlot. I can't even handle it. I love reading your posts because of your passion so no need to ever apologize. I could've gone on forever but decided i had to cut it off somewhere right? ha

  3. LOVE this.

    I liked Brendan Fraser in The Mummy. But that's pretty much it.

    Scarlett Whorehansson works as well.

  4. I love posts like this!! You know this.

    Who's Jenn? I like her humor.

    Aaaand Brendan was in Crash! Remember when we watched that in Cali!? I don't remember you expressing your utter hatred toward

    My list:

    • Lindsay Lohan post Mean Girls (I mean...reeeaaaaaaaallly?)
    • Brad Pitt (sooo over-rated)
    • Sarah Jessica Parker (hello, i'm the same character in anything that I'm in)

    I could go on...

    1. haha why is it that all men dislike Sarah Jessica Parker? I don't think i have met one man who enjoyed her. I think i've liked her in a couple things i have seen her in. I mean no my favorite but definitely doesn't make me top 5 of most hated actors, I will have to agree with you on Lindsay and Brad. I mean confessions of a teenage drama queen is one of the worst movies out there. Horrible acting all around in that one. I can't fully hate just my luck because it has Chris Pine and I happen to think he's adorable. And brad pitt...really he lost everything when he moved his life over to Angelina. Honestly. He doesn't even have sex appeal going for him anymore. What are your thoughts on bill murray? and how was brendan in crash? I don't remember his characters story. Remind me.

  5. Have you seen "We Built a Zoo", Love Scarlett in that and she totally isn't skanktastic, but I do agree she is in the others.

  6. OMG I'm dying over here.. "Scarlet Johanswhore" ...dying. I 100% agree on Brendan Frasier - I think my hatred did stem from George of the Jungle now that you mention it. I personally really dislike Julianne Hough. No reason really, I just think she's another dumb blond/model/dancer/singer and oh look, she can act too! Surprise, surprise.

  7. THANK YOU!! I totally agree with this! Your nickname for Scarlet Johanswhore is my favorite :) As much as I hate her (because she is always the whore!) she isn't bad in Avengers or We Built a Zoo.

  8. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Thats what I think, your so right.
    Love Ya!!!