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1 month!

Our sweet girl turned 1 month on Sunday. Can't believe it. She's changed so much in such a short amount of time. She looks so different everyday...more and more like me I would have to say. Ha 

Here's what we've been up to:

  • Took her out to Zupas at 2 weeks old. She slept the whole time.
  • Went from hating baths to really enjoying long as the kitchen is warm enough
  • Started smiling right before she cried to smiling when you talk to her, look at her, and play with her. Her smiles are the best. She smiles all the time in the morning at me. It just makes my heart burst. I feel like the luckiest mom in the world to have those smiles that are just for me.
  • She's got a strong grip and we have a hard time prying open her fingers. So much for trying to cut her fingernails just yet. ha
  • She has been babysat a couple times by Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth and has done great. 
  • In this first month she's had some digestive problems and it makes me so sad. I hate to see her not feeling well.
  • Had her first dr's appointment at 3 weeks and she came in at a 9 lbs. I was so proud of my little girl. Way to eat! 
  • We are starting to retire some of her newborn clothes. She's too long for them but not quite big enough for 0-3 months. 
  • She's started to talk (coo) and I just love it. We have some great conversation.
Of course there have been so many other milestones and enjoyable moments with her. Just look at those adorable smiles below! How can you not have fun looking at that face everyday?

I am recovering well I think. The baby blues are finally starting to subside and Brooklyn and I are really comfortable with one another now. I am starting to understand what she needs when she's upset and how to best help her. Of course I don't have all the answers but I do my best. As my mother told me when I called her one evening to ask why Brooklyn was crying so much, "That's the million dollar question. Everyone wished they had the answer for that." So I guess I am not alone. ha

Ok on to adorable pictures of our sweet baby girl. My goodness I just love her so much.


  1. You've got to be kidding me!! Is she seriously that CUTE!? So happy for your Laura!!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. I think the second picture is my favorite, but it's really hard to decide. She has such grate facial expressions! I'm glad to hear you are doing well and that you love being a mom. It makes me so excited to meet our baby. One day our babies will meet and be friends. Deal? :)

  3. so precious. she is seriously smiling so early! i remember henrik would smile too, but i could never get it on camera!

  4. One month?! How is it even possible that she's already a month? She is adorable. Addie cannot get enough of looking at this post. She has requested a movie about Baby Brooklyn:) You guys look like you're doing great!

  5. So sweet! I can't believe she is smiling so much so soon! You're an amazing mom, I can just hear your undying love for her as I read this post. I just want to see you and meet her!

  6. These pictures make me so happy :) She is ADORABLE! Our babies are the BEST, ha ha!

    Personal question, are you nursing or doing formula? Mia hasn't had any digestive problems yet but I'm terrified for the day she does! It will be so sad to see her in pain and I'll be clueless how to help her!

    1. Yes i am nursing. I love being able to and I loved reading your post on nursing. Way to stick with it after some difficult moments. I bet little Mia loves having that one on one time with her momma. So sweet. I have had to be so careful with what I eat. No onions, garlic, spicy foods, really tomoatey based foods, and no chocolate. That last one makes me the saddest. Everything but chocolate made her gassy and the gas pains would hurt her and make her upset. Chocolate takes her spit-up and turns it in to vomit. It makes me so sad. I hear it usually gets better around 3-4 months as their stomaches get stronger. As for now I am just eating as bland as possible. If you ever have any of those problems let me know. I'll let you know some things that seemed to work for our baby girl. Love seeing posts about Mia and all the fun you're having together as a family. We are so blessed to have the best little girls!


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