Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nebo Scenic Loop

Last week I posted our lovely Fall Bucket List that will ensure we take the time to go out and enjoy all the beautiful things this season has to offer. It's been a fun adventure so far. One of them was to go on a scenic walk/drive through all the fall leaves. 

We had originally planed to go to Sundance Ski Resort and take the chair lift through the mountains and get out and walk around. So glad we changed our plans as this drive was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Friday night Derek went camping over in this location with the scouts and wanted to take me back there on Saturday afternoon. It was beautiful. For all of you in Utah you should take a drive through the Nebo Scenic Loop in Payson. It's free and just a beautiful drive. If you have the time you can walk to The Grotto which is a waterfall in the Payson Canon. 

Anyways, take a look at the beauty we discovered on this Fall Bucket List adventure. Truly grateful for  all the beauty we can find around us.

{So many pretty fall colors. Worth getting out and walking around.} 
{We love our car. This was our major  2012 purchase and we couldn't be happier about it.}
{Me and that pregnant belly of mine. 26 weeks 3 days.}
{My handsome husband}
{Honestly. So beautiful.} 
{I was loving the red/pink/magenta colored leaves}
{7th take and we finally got a good one!} 

{Always provides me with laughter} 
{He's a trooper for all these pictures I make him "smile" for} 


  1. Love it! Should've stopped by our house when you were out this way too! you'll love the leaves out here too! :) You look beautiful Laura! Love that belly!

  2. You look so cute with your preggo belly. Getting closer. The colors are gorgeous.

  3. What gorgeous colors! So jealous that y'all have seasons ;)