Tuesday, August 21, 2012


A favorite summer activity in the Ellsworth home is boating.  We bought our first boat when we lived in Texas and loved spending time on their with our family and friends.  It was such a blast learning to tube, water ski, and even fore some...knee board. Yes knee board. I know that isn't really a thing anymore but trust me...it provided some good times. 

As i've gotten older I lost all ability to water ski so I don't do that anymore, I tried wake boarding and that just wasn't for me, and as far as tubing is concerned...well my dad drives like a maniac so that had to stop...ha However, I still love being out there with my family. Cruising on the lake. Watching my siblings and husband get better at wake boarding and tubing. Watching my niece tube. The Sun. The Water. I think you all get the point. With summer drawing to a close I am not sure how much more boating I'll get this summer so I am grateful for this past Saturday.

We are lucky enough to have my brother and his family in town from Texas for a couple of months. It was my first time boating with them this summer and their adorable children. So fun. My niece Addie and nephew Bennett are the sweetest little kids an aunt could ask for. Look at that first picture...she let me put those glasses on her for a fun pose. Such a trooper!

Is she not the most adorable little girl you've ever seen? Love her!
She loved to drive the boat with Grandpa
I love him. Spent the first part of the afternoon watching him. Loved it!  
Too cute.
This kid seriously loves the boat. The sounds of the engine and bumps of the waves put him to sleep.
Oh summer...you've been fun. Hopefully we can get another couple of boat trips in before it ends.


  1. I love boating, too! I know what you mean about crazy tube rides. I've definitely done some unintentional head bashing in the past. Not fun. Your niece and nephew are super cute! We put my niece and nephew on the tube once and gave them a really tranquil ride. So tranquil in fact that my nephew fell asleep. :)

  2. oh i LOVE boating and what an adorable family u have! :)