Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catching up...

Sorry I disappeared form the blogging world for a short while. I have been traveling a lot for work lately and with that I have been exhausted. I feel tired all of the time but summer/warm weather is bringing my energy slowly back to me.

Our Mary Poppins Outing:
We bought ourselves a Sponge Bob kite. We had so much fun celebrating spring by flying our kite.
Cincinnati: aka the worst place ever
I really hate this trip more than most. It was a successful conference but just a horrible week. It was long and the city itself just did nothing for me.

Fountain Square
The only good thing about that city: Graters Ice Cream
Burbank Bound:
Had such a fun time in Burbank. I got to spend a lot of time with Derek's parents and even had a girls night out with Anne Marie, Derek's mom. It was so fun. Here are some pictures from the trip.

My celebrity siting on the flight over: Katherine Heigl. These are my paparazzi photos.
In Provo we never have weird sidewalk activity. Yeah Burbank!
My favorite treat. It was so good.
My awesome suite hotel room. They upgraded me for free!
I had 2 rooms in my hotel. Amazing.
Adventures in South Provo:
Some of the things close to our house. We enjoy taking summer walks together and exploring the city.


  1. Katherine Heigl say WHAT?!! awesome.

    1. I did think this was pretty awesome. I knew you'd be proud.

  2. LOVE the paparazzi shots! Fun!

    1. haha. I still can't believe I took them. I really did feel like a paparazzi but with a conscience. ha