Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

A couple of weekends ago I convinced Derek to go the Tulip Festival with me. I am so glad we went. It was the most beautiful day and the gardens at Thanksgiving Point were gorgeous. There are over 250,000 tulips spread over 55 acres. We tried to walk around and capture as much of it as possible. On the weekends they have some live folk music and then fair food booths. We made sure to save up and enjoy some of those delicious treats. It got us excited for all the fairs we are going to be attending again this summer. We loved Strawberry Days last year. You can buy a cup of fresh, locally grown strawberries with cream. So good. That rodeo is also so fun. Anyways, on to the tulip festival.


A view of the land. This was our first look as we entered the garden.

First Sno Cone of the season. Frog in a Blender Flavor! Yum!

We had to get one of those tasty Dutch waffles. This one is for you Scott. Made fresh. So good.

My handsome husband. He hates posing for pictures but does a great job.

Love that the tulips have only grown on one side of the fountain.
Love waterfalls
We thought the color of these tulips were so interesting. Sometimes they almost looked black.
We are so glad we got to enjoy this. We may have been exhausted and it did take all our energy to go but as you can see, everything was beautiful. We are so blessed to live in such wonderful world. There is so much beauty all around and our favorite thing is to explore our city and see what sites we can find. This could be out last summer in Provo so we want to enjoy everything we can. Derek graduates in 2013 and we will have to see where life takes us next. Not too far away.

This is a random side note but I just have to say how proud I am of Derek. He is working so hard and has been going to school no stop since we've been married. Last semester he was working two jobs. With my job I work and travel a lot and he works and studies all the time that it is so nice when we can spend a weekend together walking around and enjoying each others company.  Here is to another nice and relaxing weekend.


  1. This is where my sr. prom was! That brought back a lot of memories. Do u know when the Strawberry Day's rodeo is this year? I'm praying it doesn't happen before we come:) I'm glad you guys were able to have a fun weekend together!

  2. I've got a new festival for you. We're going to the Scandinavian Festival in Ephraim at the end of the month. We have our tri in the morning, then after we plan on driving down there. You in??? :)

  3. cool? haha jk. and you guys look great! yay!

  4. Oh Craig, ha. I love it, and your hair looks really good the way you did it. Also, those purple-ish tulips are gorgeous. Another also, can't wait for you guys to come up here so we can go get a Snoasis together!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I need to head down there, HOW BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Love it! These pictures are beautiful and you guys are adorable together! :)