Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ringing in the New Year

Better late than never, right? I'll have to just skip over Christmas for now and go straight to January 1st.

Work has been keeping me so busy that I haven't had time to blog as much. My first conference is coming up the first of February in SLC, Utah. I am so glad it's local in case anything goes wrong. I am doing my best to plan for everything but things will happen and I'll have to deal. That's that.

These first couple of months are going to be incredibly busy and I am sad that I'll be away from Derek so often. We are both excited about the opportunities that I am getting through work but it is bittersweet as I'll be away from Derek a lot these first couple of months.

I have RootsTech beginning of February. Then I fly to London (so excited) the end of February to observe an event and work from the UK Office. Derek really wants to come to this one so we'll see what we can do with his school schedule. Added bonus. I get to see Racheal.
 Then I turn around and fly out 3 days later to Philadelphia for another conference. Finally I get to be home for about 10 days and I fly out to NY. I am so excited for all the traveling I get to do I just wish I could take Derek with me. It would be wonderful for us to experience these places together.

After those couple of crazy months, things slow down and I'll be traveling about once a month until September. I am excited to go back to Southern California and visit with Derek's parents later this summer.

Ok on to what I originally wanted to post about...

Derek and I both had some time off on January 1st. It was nice to spend some quality time together before our busy schedules resumed. We had a friendly bet but of course, I lost. I tried my hardest but to no avail. At least I broke over 100 each time. Not too shabby.

Since he won he got to pick where we ate for dinner. We went to J Dawgs in Provo since he has been craving their hot dogs for a while. This place is a local legend and the food is delicious. I forgot just how good a real hot dog can be.

So here is to 2012. I am sure sometime soon we'll get around to setting our year goals but until then...

Happy New Year!


  1. Hey, skinny lady! You're lookin' good! :) It sounds like you are gonna be so busy this year, but I hope we can hang out often seeing that Rex and I will be moving back to California in July.

    Tonight we saw the J Dawgs in Orem. How long has that been there?! J Dawgs is going on my list of things to do/places to go in Utah before we move.

    Rex and I are going out of town next week, but we should definitely get together when we get back!

  2. Where are you working that's involving all this traveling? Sounds like so much fun! Hope all is well. From what I've "blog stalked" it sounds like you guys are in Utah. I'll have to look you up next time I'm there :) Miss you and hope everything is going GREAT!

  3. Laura, you look so great! Have fun with all your traveling! Keep us updated!

  4. HOW FUN! I'm so excited for all of the Traveling you get to do. I'm sure that will be hard to be away from Derek so much but those opportunities are incredible! I can't wait for you to post about your travels :)