Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's a matter of opinion

So I need some input on this. I have been contemplating for a month or so now to change my hair color. I have finally convinced Derek that life will not be over once the transformation is complete. This is where you now come in. I can't decide if i should leave it as is, hi-light it, or be a little more blonde than that.

I have chosen pictures of previous hair colors so that way it is already easy to tell what it looks like next to my face. I just know I would pick a celebrity hair color because it looks awesome and then on me...well you know, it would look horrid.

Here we go:

Option 1: The Most Blonde

Option 2: Natural Hair Color. (What I currently have)

Option 3: Hi-lights (Forgive the picture)
Any other ideas? I am all for other options. Let me know. Maybe you think I should do less hi-lights so it just lightens up what I have instead of a drastic change? Not a bad idea actually...ha

So ready...Go! Tell me what you think looks best.


  1. They all look great! I like your natural color, but if you want a change, go for it!

  2. I like everything! Question though: Remember that picture you showed me when you were on your mission?? It was darker I think...anyways I REALLY liked that one but I also love blonde hi lights and the most blonde.

  3. 2....with maybe some highlight or even better lowlights! :)

  4. Change is always nice! I dye my hair at any chance, so I say 3. It will get lighter in the summer, otherwise I would say 1.

  5. I really like 1 and 3 I think either one would look beautiful!

  6. I vote for 3 for basically the same reasons you voted for my #4. Where are you planning to get your hair done?