Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finding Joy in 2011

So some of you may remember from earlier this summer I wrote about doing the 30 day shred challenge.  I did that for a couple of weeks every morning but then had to stop as my back is not strong enough to do intense workouts as that. Someday I hope, just not now.

For those of you who don't know I {pulled/strained/injured} my SI (Sacroiliac Joint) in January. It was right after we moved to Provo and I had just started working at I couldn't walk, sleep, get dressed on my own, etc. It was incredibly painful. Anyways, I finally went a saw a physical therapist after 4 days and we started the healing process. During this time I couldn't do any kind of exercise, except for walking...very slowly. During this time I felt like I put on weight because I lost all my muscle. After 4 months I couldn't take it any longer and started to go back to the treadmill and Zumba but still experienced lots of pain.

Moving on...

Almost one year later it's still in quite a bit of pain but much better. I still can't really bend over, do a lot of difficult exercise, put weight on my right leg, etc. I got to the point where I wanted to be healthier and with the current circumstances I needed to try something else. 

13 weeks ago I started Weight Watchers and it has been on of the greatest decisions ever. If I could put a price on happiness it would be the $40.00 I pay every month...ha In the last 13 weeks, even during this holiday season, I have lost 10 pounds! I feel so much more confident, beautiful, and healthier. I love how I am learning to cook and eat healthy. I am understanding portion control and how I didn't really understand what a true portion was. I have found I don't miss bread as much as I thought I would but if I want it, I can eat it. That's the beauty of Weight Watchers. Derek hasn't minded the healthy eating too and it's great for his health as well. I look forward to my weekly weigh-ins. It keeps me accountable. I find joy in being organized and counting my points. I love the support meetings once and week and the inspiration they provide. It's not coming off all at once but it's coming off in the right way. I am not on a yo-yo diet but changing my lifestyle instead. 

So here is to success and feeling great! I can't even really explain the joy I feel and the confidence I have regained. 

Here is to a healthy, happy holiday season.


  1. You are beautiful!!! And congrats on the weight loss! :)

  2. So happy for you pretty girl! Becoming healthy and happy is so important! We are blessed with bodies and when we decide that taking care of those temples is important it opens up a world of possibilities! Great job, keep it up, and keep us all posted!

  3. congrats love! keep it up! you're an inspiration to me!!!

  4. It's so awesome to lose weight and see that your hard work is paying off! Congratulations!

    P.S. I just watched "The 12 Dates of Christmas." My family had it recorded on their DVR. Zack Morris is such a dream boat. ;)