Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

At work I have a numerous amount of tasks that are assigned to me to complete each day.  I do a lot of work for the accounting department so I am the one who always process customers checks.  It has become one of my favorite mindless tasks where I can just listen to music and get to work

Well earlier this week I opened one of the letters to find a little post-it note inside telling me to, "Have a Great Day!"  It instantly put a smile on my face.  I never receive fun little things like this in the envelopes I open.  It probably took the lady an extra 30 seconds but it completely made my day.  It just reminded me of how simple acts of kindness to family, friends, and strangers can really help brighten a day. I need to be better about looking for more opportunities to serve and be kind to those I interact with whether I know them or not.

So thank you random lady for taking some extra time to make sure I had a great day. Mission successful.

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