Wednesday, June 8, 2011

California Love

Almost a month ago, Derek and I went home to California to welcome his sister home from her mission.  It was filled with fun times and lots of doctor's appointments for Derek.  It was nice to be back to where we have lived for most of our married life.  Soon this will be surpassed with Provo, much to my dismay. 

Started our trip with a day at the beach. A nice sunburn followed.

One of our favorite places: Bob's Big Boy in Burbank. Had a family dinner before picking Cassie up at the airport.

Group Shot with family and friends!
Best. Story. Ever. This old man decided to stand in and pose for our picture.  No one even noticed it until much later.  Of course this was hilarious.  As you can tell Derek is not in this photo because he was a gentlemen and went to get the car.  Naturally, he must be added to complete the family photo.
So glad Derek could join us...ha He just looks so funny on this man's body.  I had to share.
On our way to visit some friends in LA we stopped at this delicious sub shop in Burbank called Giamelli's.  If you're in the area you have to check it out.
With one of my besties, Emily. I just love her.  We met up with her and some others from our mission.  Best little Mexican Village ever.

Ah the best ever. Overa St. in LA. 

 We also did some other fun things while we were there: Disneyland, friends wedding reception, pink berry, etc.  It was so much fun and hard to come back to real life.  Work and school is never as fun as vacation.  On the upside we are heading back in September for Cassie's wedding.

The whole family back together again. We love Disneyland!

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