Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Birthday Adventures

So yesterday was my birthday. It started the day before:

1.) My fruit tart cake that we had after going out to dinner at the Olive Garden with Derek's family. That's when i opened up all my present. Teapot, Coat, Hat, Gloves, Boots, new purse, perfume, flip flops, Olive Garden gift card, and movie gift certificate. It was wonderful.
2.) My free PinkBerry! After work on my birthday I had Derek meet me at the mall to get PinkBerry. We go up and get ready to pay and the guy says the cash register is broken and he can't ring it up and said this one was on him and he even stamped our cards. Yeah! Love free pinkberry borthday surprises.

The other pictures are just of my opening gifts. Derek also made me dinner for my birthday for just the two of us. Candle lit and everything. Honey BBQ grilled chicken. Homemade mashed potatoes. Ceaser salad. Garlic Artisan bread.

I also got a lot of great cards, phone calls, and texts from those I love that love me very much. I appreciate everyone making my day(s) so wonderful. Here's to being alive for a quarter of a century and already having tons of body pain! Yeah!


  1. Happy kind of late birthday. Miss you and love you.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great time.

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  4. happy bday, my dear friend.
    can you please get here already?? i can't wait to see you. AND you're gonna wish you got snow boots for your bday and not flip flops. :)

    love you. and i'm so glad you were born. SO glad.