Monday, November 1, 2010

Happenings of Lately

So for so reason blogger isn't working right with my pictures so I'll give a brief synopsis from here:
1-3: Lombardi Farms: It is this pumpkin patch, petting zoo, corn maze, sunflower maze and so much more. We went and spent the afternoon there. It was so fun. Some of the pumpkins were huge as you can see.
4: Johnnie's New York. It was a restaurant down on the Promenade in Santa Monica. It was beautiful down there. We walked around the Promenade, ate dinner, rode the ferris wheel down on the pier, and finished the night off with some gelato. It was so good. Such a fun evening. Before we leave California I am trying to do a lot of the California things.
5: Hollywood. I guess it's an experience you have to have once but I really hated it. It was dirty and nothing like I imagine and you could just really see the sin all around. On the bonus side I found the Olsen twins & John Stamo's star. That was fun. No Miley Cyrus though.
6-7: Griffith Observatory: It's this awesome science observatory. It was amazing and we saw this planetarium show. You could see the hollywood sign so well from the top. The leaves were starting to fall and the grass was green. It was such a beautiful day.
8. Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego. My friend from the mission was getting married in the San Diego Temple so we went to San Diego for a weekend away. We staying in this hotel that looked so much nicer online but I guess it provided a place to sleep. I was horrified at first. One of those rights of passage you have to have for being a poor newlywed right? ha Saturday night we stayed in Newport with my Grandparents. It was so nice to visit with them and catch up.
9. The tulips Derek bought me to celebrate out 8 months of being married. He's so cute.
10. Disneyland with Derek, Craig, and Emily!
11. On Huntington Pier after we all went out for dinner. It was so fun. We then stayed the night at the beach house before Disneyland the next day.
12. Newport Beach
13. In front of the San Diego Temple

Sorry this was so long but i haven't blogged in about a month. I've been so blessed to experience so many things. I have a wonderful husband who makes sure we spend time with each other as much as possible while we still have the time to do so. I've had so much fun but I am ready for out next adventure.

Derek got accepted to BYU as a transfer student so we are moving to Provo in January. Thankfully we will be there longer than 3 months. I am so tired of moving all the time. We've been married almost 10 months and have moved 3 times. I am ready to be somewhere for at least a little bit.

Life is wonderful. I feel so blessed. My heart is filled with gratitude. I have felt the Lord's care and protection so much in my life.

Happy November!


  1. Looks like you guys are having so much fun! We're excited we get to see you at Christmas! PS Addie is about 22 lbs and 28 inches:)

  2. I miss you Laura. Come see me for a visit!

  3. Looks like lots of fun! Hope you had a great time. We miss you guys so much.

  4. love the pic of derek pointing with the statue. hilarious. and LOVE the pic of the five of us on the pier. CLASSIC moment. "i take picta of you too ok bye!" SO FUNNY.

  5. Ahh Hollywood and Disneyland...we never went while we were there :( Hey I just noticed we have the same blog background haha why am I not surprised... :)