Sunday, September 12, 2010


So we've been back from Hawaii for quite awhile but life has been busy. Derek is back in school and working at Master Auto Parts and as a math tutor at COC. I am working at American Eagle still, unfortunately, but on Wednesday I'll have my second round of interviews to be a personal banker at Wells Fargo. Anyways enough about that...Hawaii was amazing. It was my first time and I just loved it. We did so many fun things: Volcano Park, The Highest Point in Hawaii with the NASA Telescopes, Scuba Diving, Hapuna Beach, Luau, Kayaking, lots of games, sun, and fun. Here are a few of my favorite pictures. I wish i could share them all with you.

At the village by the Tutu's House. The last fishing village
Our Kayaking adventure that ended with me getting beat up by the lava rocks. My knee was bleeding so badly and my legs were all scraped up. I was seriously scared that the sharks were going to smell my blood.
I'm obsessed with snow cones and Hawaiian Shaved Ice is to die for.
The Kona Temple. It was so beautiful.
On the black sand beach. The water was so warm.
At the Waipio Overlook.
Everyone at the luau. That was so fun.
At the Volcano Park
In the Lava Tubes
City of Refuge.
Derek's Grandparents backyard. It was awesome
The View from the plane


  1. WOW That looks like lots of fun!! Its so Beautiful there.

  2. Laura these are all beautiful, you look like you had so much fun!! I am relieved the sharks didn't smell your blood..remember once upon a time you and I tried watching Jaws at Craig's? Hahahah good times. Anyways I have had no time to blog but I thought I would see what you have been up to. Wells Fargo?? I thought you hated them?? I am so glad you ended up starting a Bro Brugger's class! Now I can keep up on yours and Derek's life better. Love and miss you so much, seriously.